For Buyers

Capture the attention of your shoppers

Are floral dresses going to be big this summer? Find out what products your competitors are stocking, and what’s trending on social media.

Learn how buying teams are using Greendeck for:

competitive assortment

Slice ‘n’ dice your competitor’s catalogue

Uncover what they are betting on this season. Go deep down into brand, category, multiple sub-categories, and even attributes like colour and pattern.


Comp shopping at your fingertips

Comp shopping can be really tiring. It takes hours to manually scan through websites and find the products you are looking for. But not anymore.

Use Greendeck to comp shop in minutes, saving your team hundreds of hours every month.

comp shopping

Keep track of new products in the market

You have new products coming in everyday or every week. So do the other retailers!

Use Greendeck to keep a constant watch on the new products being listed everyday.